Easy Sticky Note Teacher Gift with Printable Gift Tags

There is no denying it. Teachers are the hardest working professionals I know. I take every opportunity I can to thank my kids' teachers. So obviously Teacher Appreciation Week is no exception.

Here's a quick and easy gift your child can pass on to his or her teacher to show a little bit of love. All you need are sticky notes (like Post-Its®) and these printable gift tags.

These Stick Note Teacher Gifts could just as easily be used for a beginning of the year or end of the year teacher gift. I picked up a bunch of sticky note blocks at my all time favorite Target and created this printable page of notes to be just the right size to stick on each block.


Then all we had to do was trim out these cute tags and stick them onto the top of each block. Couldn't be easier.

Click HERE to download the printable tags page to use for your own teachers.

Print the page out onto card stock or heavy paper, cut tags out along blue lines, use double sided tape to attach the tags to your sticky note pads.

And there you have it. Super easy and quick Sticky Note Teacher Gifts!