I am a Maker and my studio is my sanctuary. It's where I run off (often literally) to hide from the craziness and immerse myself in creativity. Here I have art and craft supplies to the ceiling, an embarrassingly massive collection of fabric for spur-of-the-moment sewing projects, and all the things that inspire me to illustrate nearly every single day.

You can find me strolling into the studio around 4:45am every morning, even on weekends. I'll have a coffee in hand and a To Do list ready on my desk.


The Desk

I recently converted a vintage drafting table to a standing desk. The surface is big enough to hold my 27" iMac, keyboard, and Wacom Intuos Pro drawing tablet. The work surface is smaller than my other desk and its so much easier to keep organized because of it.



The Card Catalog

Gone are the days of riffling through musty stacks of note cards in the library card catalogs. I remember hours spent tracking down the books needed for research projects by searching each drawer and using those tiny library pencils to jot down to location of each book.

Years later my uncle asked my father if I might have a use for the town library's old card catelog. He was working for the town and was a bit of a pack rat so he put the heavy draw sets to the side and had me in mind. Of course I jumped at the opportunity! Who doesn't drool over vintage card catalogs in decor magazines? People take book cases and make faux draw fronts just to look like one of these bits of history.

I have filled many of the drawers with small art and office supplies. The bottom drawers are still empty because little hands often find themselves tucking away pom poms or scraps of paper.


Kid Craft Central

I wish I could say my kids stay in their playroom where they have a overflowing supply of paper and markers, but I can't. They love to be with me and I kinda sorta like being around them. So my studio has become their studio, too.

When I converted to the new desk I surrendered my giant L-shaped space to the whim of the pint size and crafty.

I invested in three school quality stools to replace the hodgepodge chair collection that had grown. I love these things. They don't tip easily. They tuck nicely under the desk. And, most of all, they're the same so no one fights over the "best" one.